Intern: Corporate Sales & Cross Functional ( 6 months extendible)

About the Company: With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Lesova Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is primarily involved in offering custom clothing solutions for the Corporate Sector, and plans for expansions into other product, service and market areas are also on the horizon. More info about the company: | |

Here’s your chance to work & act like an entrepreneur and challenge your own boundaries. Be an intra-preneur inside our small team that has maintained a startup culture for the past 11 years. While you help us grow as a team, we help you find your better self with improved skills, competence and attitude.  In future, whether you would become an intra-preneur in the corporate sector or an entrepreneur of your own, this exposure will give you the edge. So, let’s get going =)

Responsibility & Requirements:

  • Achieving Gross Profit Targets by daily onboarding new corporate clientele mainly through 1-1 direct corporate sales: Achieving beyond the minimum required team gross profit levels ( Minimum Required Team gross profit level: LKR 15 Million for 6 months. To offer a basic understanding of the individual performance levels, every intern team member is expected to reach minimum of 120 times his/ her “monthly take home cost”, that is Minimum LKR 3.6 Million individually as gross profit during the 6 month period of the internship (LKR 30000 internship monthly pay *120= LKR 3.6 Million upwards)
  • Gain, Secure, maintain & grow: new corporate customers, suppliers & product range
  • Keeping accurate and up-to-date records of sales operations, leads, and customer information.
  • Regular Reporting of Sales Performance.
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision for sales target based achievements
  • Client & supplier visits where needed: Minimum 10 visits a week ( Transport cost for these requirements would be covered by the office)
  • Managing customer enquiries using the Customer RelationShip Management System (CRM) & the hotline as per the guidelines in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Seamless service with conflict resolution, prompt answering of phone calls, regular follow-up on enquiries until the business is sealed and full service is offered
  • Order coordination through liaising with clients and the suppliers
  • Planning B2B Sales Strategies (eg: Create new business leads and convert inbound prospects to customers through mail, cold call campaigns, corporate customer visits, corporate events, exhibitions and etc.)
  • Collect & analyze both internal data and external market data to formulate, implement and evaluate strategies
  • Being brave enough to take decisions: Being part of our small team to plan, organize and control functions from Sales to Marketing & from Operations even to Strategic Management where needed.
  • Meeting Financial and Non-Financial Goals
  • Delivering excellent customer service
  • Pay: LKR 30,000 take home (monthly) + One time commission paid after completion of the internship period if the Minimum Sales targets have been achieved
  • Commission structure: A team commission of 5% of the gross profit as per “Lesova Holdings (Pvt) Ltd Commission Scheme” will be allocated if the Gross Profit achieved by the team for the 6 month period exceeds a Minimum of LKR 15 Million. The resultant amount will be divided among the team members. eg: If the gross profit is 20 Million a for the 6 month period, then the team commission (5% of the gross profit) = LKR 1 Million, And if the number of team members = 8 , then the per head commission = LKR 125,000 for the six month period
  • Location to be based: Dalugama
  • Expected hours of work: 45 hours a week with additional hours where needed based on business requirements
  • What to bring: Your own laptop and smartphone
  • A Some level of prior experience in sales would be an added advantage
  • If found satisfactory performance with achievement of minimum target levels, and if vacancies would be readily available, selected interns will be absorbed into the staff after internship period of 6 months and/or after extension of the probationary period

What matters the most:

  • Discipline is key! Arrogance, negligence and unethical behaviour is not is not entertained.
  • Attitude! Attitude! Attitude!  We know you are not a naysayer, we need the ones who would even jump into hell with pleasure.
  • Consciousness about accountability over responsibility. Simply owning not just the tasks but most importantly the outcome of the task is required.
  • Ability to self manage with Minimal or no supervision. Self-supervision without a need for regular followups. What you would do when nobody is watching you would be exactly what you would do when everybody is watching you. Self-discipline and reliability are jewels to wear.
  • Honestly & trustworthiness is a very expensive gift. We do not lock-up our information very well knowing that such information may help the growth of the team as a whole. Extreme care with such information is totally vested on our team as we have total faith in our team members. Maintaining & growing that chain of trust is on the hands of each new team member who comes onboard. You are the person who knows you the best, not us.
  • We all do mistakes. It is OK to do a mistake but NEVER OK not to take the learning out of it. Ability to unlearn and relearn every day with a mindset to not repeat the same mistake twice is something we greatly expect. You know you are a super curious mind with eagerness to self-learn multiple skills with the support of the team, from friends and even online. You will be doing certain tasks probably for the first time in your entire life. Do not worry. Be ready to get on top of the learning curve, there is always a first step for anything.
  • A great team player with empathy who never lets the team down. Selfish, non-team players are not encouraged to apply.
  • Good communication skills along with a good command of English & documentation skills.

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